hdAlbums are not your average photo books. Each
album is a work of art, featuring vivid color, incredibly
sharp detail, and a durable binding.
Canon's own
best-in-class technology and quality assurance work
together to bring you an outstanding album at an
affordable price, so you can share these gifts with friends
and family.
With Lifepics, you can store, share, and order
prints and thousands of creative and personalized
photo and print products from home, at work,
traveling, while running errands, anywhere that you
can access your computer, phone, or tablet!

Later, most times the same day, you can pick up
your photos or photo products quickly at

Peterborough Camera Copies & More
avoiding shipping fees, mail delays, or damage to
your order.
Please Note:

  Most Photographic Print orders can be sent to us via e-mail, but you will be charged an
additional $1.00.  This is due to the fact that, we receive a lot of e-mail, usually covering
inter-organizational business communications.  

  Amidst those e-mails there are chances that a customer's request may be overlooked or
acted upon too late.  The preferred method is for you to use
hdAlbum, Lifepics or the
Lifepics app for your phone (check in your app store).

  Should you find yourself having to send us photo-print orders through e-mail, use e-mail

and be sure to include:

  • Your name and phone number
  • The number of prints of each image
  • The size of each print that you want made
  • Whether the output images will be a Matte or Glossy finish
  • Anything else that you deem critical for your print to be perfect

Thank you.