Register for our "One-on-One", in-store digital info
sessions at
Peterborough Camera Shop.  $65 per/hr. on
any topic pertaining to digital cameras or computers:

* Understanding your Digital Camera
* How to use Photoshop
* Why you shouldn't keep your photos on your
* knowing the difference in quality between camera
* Checking Which media works best for saving your

and so on.  
You Choose Your Topic Of Study!

So sign-up, sit down and get started on learning to
operate your digital equipment.
Next Session Sets Will Be:

February 8th, 15th, 22nd
& March 1st
Feb. 1st, 5 - 6:30
Jan. 11th, 5 - 6:30
Jan. 18th, 5 - 6:30
Jan. 25th, 5 - 6:30