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camera repair

3 Reasons to Head to Your Local Camera Repair Shop

A good camera is an investment, so you want to do everything you can to take care of it properly. At Peterborough Camera, Copies & More, we share a passion for photography with our customers. So we know that in addition to skill, technique, and practice, keeping your camera in good condition is essential to any photographer. To that end, you need to know that you have a reliable camera repair shop when you need it.


More often than not, the repairs you need to keep your camera in good working condition are relatively minor. Here are three of the most common camera repair needs.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to time and regular use, dust and other debris collect on the lens and internal components. That not only affects the image quality but also the functionality of your camera. Cameras have intricate and delicate parts, and debris can easily disrupt their inner workings. To ensure that your camera is always in top condition, have a trusted camera repair shop clean your camera and check that the controls are working properly on a regular basis.


Sensor Cleaning

Dark spots or smudges on your pictures are usually a sign that you need to clean your sensor. To properly clean your camera’s sensor, you need special tools, cleaning solutions, and—crucially—a steady hand. If you are not experienced in camera repair and maintenance, your best option is to take it to a professional.


Shutter or Aperture Replacement

The shutter and aperture are essential to the mechanics of your camera. They are what control the exposure, or how much light reaches the lens. If your shutter or aperture is faulty, that can result in under or overexposed photos. Assessing and repairing this issue is a delicate process. To avoid damaging your camera further, you should leave this repair to an experienced and professional technician.


camera repair

Convenient Camera Repair at PCC&M

If you need a reliable shop to take care of your camera repair needs, come to Peterborough Camera, Copies & More! We do all minor repairs and maintenance in-house. If your camera needs more extensive repairs, we take care of sending it to the appropriate service center. If you are looking to add to your collection of photography equipment and accessories, we have a selection of new and used items, and we offer rentals, too!


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