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3 Reasons You Need Format Conversion

Technology changes quickly, and many of the older devices you stored your photos and videos on are now defunct. But you don’t want to let those memories slip away, so what do you do? Bring all those tapes, reels, and slides to Peterborough Camera, Copies & More for format conversion! Our services aren’t limited to photo printing and camera repair, we can also take all your old photos and videos and transfer them to digital formats.


Here are three reasons why you should convert your old tapes, slides, and reels to digital formats.


Preserve Your Memories

Tapes and other physical formats don’t last forever. They deteriorate over time, and boxes sitting in your basement or attic can grow mold and destroy your tapes or other items. By converting your old videos or photos into digital formats, you don’t have to worry about losing those memories forever. Afraid that your videos are too old to convert? Don’t worry. To converting process works for film reels as well as video tapes.


Free Up Space

Video tapes, audio cassettes, and boxes of photos or slides take up a lot of space. If you’re trying to free up storage space in your home, format conversion is the way to go. We can put your videos and images on DVDs and CDs or right onto a USB flash drive. Whatever you prefer, you will save a lot of valuable storage space, and it will be much easier to access and view your videos.


Share Your Photos and Videos

Speaking of viewing your videos, having them in a digital format makes it much easier to share your memories with your friends and family. You can gather everyone together and watch home videos you haven’t seen since you got rid of your VCR. Digitizing your photos and videos also means that you can share them on social media or send them to family members who live far away.


Photo Printing, File Conversion, and More at PCC&M

It is nice to be able to hold photos in your hand, which is why we’re happy to provide photo printing services. But it’s also nice to have a digital backup in case anything happens to those photos. PCC&M partners with Eastern Video Productions to convert your old tapes into digital files that you can access and share whenever you want.


Contact us to learn more about photo printing, format conversion, and all our services.