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Photography Classes | A New Perspective

When it comes to capturing pictures, every photographer has a preference on the equipment they use. From the digital Nikon to Canon and Pentax 35mm film cameras, the choice is truly preferred. However,  it’s not uncommon for people to invest in these great pieces of equipment and not fully understand the capabilities of the camera. With photography classes at Peterborough, Camera, Copies & More, you can have full control over every aspect of your camera!

Here’s a closer look at what photography classes with our experts can do for you!


Gain a better understanding of your camera.

It’s okay to acknowledge your strengths when it comes to photography as well as your weaknesses. Do you find yourself leaning towards the same setting on your camera more often than not? Perhaps you stick to automatic mode. Why is this? We’ll tell you! We are creatures of comfort so we lean toward what we know.

This is where our experts step in. Chances are, your camera has so many wonderful features that are (believe it or not) pretty easy to use once you figure them out! From understanding the correlation between aperture and shutter speed and knowing which lighting and environment work best with what is a fun adventure with our team. We make things easy to understand and provide you with the knowledge to be confident in getting out of auto mode!

Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


Better your skill set.

Regardless of your photography experience, there is always something new to learn. Our experts provide a new perspective in helping you see things differently. Not only will we open your eyes to the world you pass through every day, we’ll help you capture the moment. Below is a brief list of topics that you may want to include in your photography class:

  • Working with Composition
  • Exposure Techniques
  • Recognizing Light Fluctuations
  • Understanding How and When to Use a Tripod
  • Focal Distances
  • Working with Black & White

Mastering the art of photography takes time. You will face challenges, but you will also conquer them and gain a higher appreciation for the world around you, your abilities, and your equipment!


At Peterborough, Camera, Copies & More, our team is here to help you better your photography game! With customized one-on-one photography classes, you can be confident that your questions and points of interest will be fully met! Give us a call today at 603-924-7032 to learn more about how we can help you!

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