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Turn Your Photos into Holiday Gifts

We all have about a zillion photos on our phones and we don’t know what to do with them. We don’t even really look at them unless we’re showing them to someone else. But those photos are precious memories that you want to share with the people that you love. At Peterborough Camera, Copies & More, you can easily print your photos either online or in the store. But once you have them in your hands, what do you do with them?

You can easily turn your printed photos into holiday gifts! Here are some of our favorite ideas.


Photo Magnets

The fridge is a traditional place to put family photos. After all, that is probably where we’ll see them the most. But there are only so many photos that will fit on your fridge. Luckily, the solution is also a great gift idea. Get your photos printed in a small or wallet size and then laminate them. (You can do that at PCCM, too!) To turn them into magnets, get some adhesive magnet tape and stick it to the back.


DIY Picture Frames

Anyone can put a photo in a frame. To make it extra special for gift-giving, make some personalized picture frames. If you’re really into DIY, you can make them yourself out of popsicle sticks, scrap wood, sticks from outside, or whatever you have on hand. For the slightly less crafty among us, you can buy inexpensive picture frames and paint or decorate them. If the photo is of a special event, add the date to the frame with metallic marker.


Monogram Photo Collage

You’ve seen those big wooden letters at craft stores. You can use those to make a monogram photo collage! Pick up letters for the initials of your gift recipients and then select the photos for your collage. Arrange them on the letters, bearing in mind that you will trim off whatever doesn’t fit on the surface of the letter. Glue the photos down and then cover them with a layer of resin or PVA glue to protect them.


Get Your Photo Printing Done at PCCM!

Check everything off your holiday to-do list at Peterborough Camera, Copies & More! You can print photos, ship out packages, and much more all in one place!


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